Taverna in Old Perithia by The Merchant House Hotel

Local dining

Try authentic Corfiot mountain dishes at the village’s five family-run tavernas

Local dining

There are five tavernas in the village, all owned by local families. Often appearing in the ‘Best Places to Eat’ on Corfu they offer authentic Corfiot mountain dishes and are very good value for money. Popular with both visitors and locals alike, the village tavernas are open throughout the summer and on winter weekends.
evdokia taverna

Evdokia Taverna

This is the ‘newest’ tavern in the village with a prime location on the main square. Formerly known as The Capricorn, it is now fully renovated and under a new management. Menu still features Greek and Mediterranean family favourites, made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

o foros perithia

O Foros

The first tavern to re-open in the village ruins, this local gem has been featured in the BBC series Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes. It’s rustic setting, mouth-watering dishes, genuine hospitality and the owners’ passionate tales of the village will leave you enchanted.


The Old Perithia

A 150-years old restaurant with shelves full of dusty farming tools and sepia-coloured family photographs. Almost anything you eat here is outstanding, but the courgette nuggets followed by rabbit stew, washed down with homemade red wine, may well be the best meal you eat in Corfu.

taverna ognistra

Ognistra Taverna

A cosy picturesque tavern, adjacent to The Merchant’s House. An ideal place to relax after a hike and savour freshly cooked Corfiot delicacies in the peaceful shade of the mountain greenery. Well-known for its Neratzi Salad – a long-forgotten culinary gem, simply made of orange slices, olive oil, sea salt and paprika.


Gabriel’s Steps

Just down the steps from our garden, this family-run taverna is praised as one of the best in the village, known for transforming traditional Corfiot dishes into superb artistic creations with magical flavour. Perfect for any time of the day with its excellent food, friendly atmosphere and fantastic prices.

Taverna in Old Perithia by The Merchant House Hotel


The strategic position of Corfu has brought culinary traditions from all over the Mediterranean basin. Venetian influence can be found in the rich local stew, called stifado as well the many pasta dishes, such as pastitsio – a macaroni, ragú and béchamel dish. Greek food, of course, has also much in common with that of its Turkish neighbours, where dining is all about meze – lots of little taster plates, shared by family and friends.


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