Weavers Suite Old Perithia Hotel in Corfu
Weavers Suite Old Perithia Hotel in Corfu
Weavers Suite Old Perithia Hotel in Corfu
Weavers Suite Old Perithia Hotel in Corfu
Weavers Suite Old Perithia Hotel in Corfu
Weavers Suite Old Perithia Hotel in Corfu

The Weaver’s Suite

Garden Terrace 40 m2 Sleeps 2+1

The absolute relaxation in the utmost atmospheric environment. The Weavers Suite, which was faithfully restored to capture much of its original charm and purpose, is named after the resident weavers who throughout the summer would spin and weave sheep’s wool to make carpets and clothes for their families and the villagers.

The serenity is evident the moment you enter the spacious living area with wooden beams and artisan furnishings, carrying the passion stamp of local craftsmen. With its white and yellow pristine walls, you cannot help but notice the carved-in-limestone nooks, harbouring the tools and relics that belonged to the merchants who lived here since the 1800s. Two of them are the original millstone, used to grind the wheat for the Kafeneon next door, and “argalios”- the family weaving tool.

You feel allured to the magnificent master bedroom and the luxurious wrought-iron bed – a masterpiece celebrating craftsmanship, comfort and Venetian design. Beautiful sun light and cool mountain breeze seep through the painting-like windows – it is the ultimate sanctuary for travellers who wish to relax in a truly unique yet private environment.

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Merchant House Icons Breakfast Included
Merchant House Icons Air Conditioning
Merchant House Icons High-speed WiFi
Merchant House Icons Heating
  • King Bed
  • Organic Cotton Mattress (Cocomat)
  • 100% Luxury Cotton Linen
  • Eco-friendly Bathroom Amenities
  • Modern Bathroom
  • Nespresso Machine
  • Cable-Satellite TV
  • Hairdryer


Enjoy countless outdoor activities from Mount Pantokrator, the highest in the land, to the blue hues of the Ionian sea and everything in between.
Cycling in Old Perithia at The Merchant House Hotel
David & Marieke

The hosts

We are David and Marieke, originally Australian and Dutch, who have lived in many different parts of the world, including Athens.

We fell in love with Old Perithia and want to show everyone who comes to Corfu what it is like to be away from the crowds in a mountain village. We both have worked in the hotel industry for many years and are now excited to run our own boutique guesthouse.

We particularly enjoy the ‘JOMO’ feel of this area – ‘The Joy of Missing Out’. One really feels you are away from it all, free from distraction and living in the ‘now’. You choose where the day takes you and where your time and thoughts go.

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